2019 MASFPS Scholarship

2019 MASFPS Scholarship Directions [pdf]
2019 MASFPS & NAFEPA Scholarship Info & Application [docx]


Strategic Plan

MAS/FPS Strategic Plan (2013-2018)


MAS/FPS Minutes

2017 – 2018 Minutes

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2016 – 2017 Minutes

July 2017
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June 2012 Annual Meeting

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MAS/FPS Financial Documents

MAS/FPS Federal ID Number (W-9)


MAS/FPS Presentations

2017 Winter Institute

CNA Presentation (zip) [19 files in zip file]

Doug Fisher – Visible Learning (zip) [3 files in zip file]

Daniels / Williams MDE Updates (zip) [4 files in zip file]

Tiffany Winters Kesslar – ESSA Updates (pptx)

Alexander Schwarz – Section 31a Updates (pptx)


2016 Fall Director's Institute

Blakeslee and Davies - Common Core (docx)

Dr. Richards Fraser Public Schools (docx)

Husa - Waker PL Breakout Handout (docx)

Husa - Walker 2016 MAS/FPS Fall Directors' Institute (pptx)

Husa - Walker Personalizing Your PD (pdf)

Husa - Walker Presentation Handout CCS Digital Resource Guide (pdf)

Kaltz and Oleski - Reinventing Learning (pptx)

Kent ISD Raffler and Rickli (docx)

KnowledgeWorks ESSA side-by-side final (pdf)

KnowledgeWorks Michigan 10/5/16 Engagement (docx)

KnowlegeWorks Personalized Learning ESSA Recommendations (pdf)

MAS/FPS PPT October 6, 2016 (pptx)

MASFPS Tafelski (pptx)

MDE Regional Update PPT Oct 2016 (pptx)

Michigan's Approach to the Every Student Succeeds Act MASFPS (pptx)

Tiffany Winters Kesslar BruMan ESSA 2016 (pptx)

Wallaker - Holland article (pdf)

Wallaker - MAS/FPS Holland Presentation (pdf)

Wiseman - Bush The Journey to Personal Mastery Implementation (pptx)


2016 Winter Institute

MTSS for Section 31a Lee Craft Presentation (pptx)

Program Evaluation Tool Shereen Tabrizi Presentation (pptx)

Section 31a Program Accountability - BOLIG (pdf)

Virgel Hammonds Presentation (pptx)


2015 Fall Directors' Institute

Assessment Literacy (pdf)

Classroom Questioning (pdf)

Closing the ELA Achievement Gap (pdf)

ESEA History (pdf)

Fostering Student Success Through Mindsets (pdf)

How to Create a Culture of Achievement (pdf)

Instructional Partnership Coaching 10.5.15 (pdf)

McKanders MAS-FPS Keynote Handout (pdf)


MAS/FPS OFS Regional Presentation F 10 2 15 ada (pdf)

MAS/FPS UGG Update (pdf)

MDE Collaboration (pdf)

PLC's and Student Achievement (pdf)

Power Hour Reaching All Students (pdf)

Reading Now Network (pdf)

Using NWEA MAP Data to Drive Instruction (pdf)


2015 Winter Institute

Cile Chavez – Ensuring the Quality of Your Journey (ppt)

Federal Policies and Procedures #1 (pptx)

Federal Policies and Procedures #2 (pdf)

MDE RtI TSS Packet (pdf)

MTSS Stages of Implementation (pdf)

MTSS Definitions of School Improvement Terms (pdf)

MTSS MAS/FPS Presentation (pdf)

MTSS Notes, Guide and Reflection (pdf)

MTSS World's Most Improved School Systems (pdf)

Section 31a Updates (pptx)

Spring 2015 M-STEP Assessment Transition 2015_02_04 MAS/FPS (pptx)


2014 Fall Directors' Institute

Goodwin 12 Touchstones Workshop Participant Materials (pdf)

Goodwin Simply Better - 12 Touchstones MAS/FPS (pdf)

Goodwin The Next Frontier of Education Reform (pdf)

Grants Guidance Tiffany Winters 2014 (pdf)

Kindergarten Transition Plan Elkin-Sturges (pdf)

MAISA Fall Directors 2014 (pdf)

MDE Directors 102 (pdf)

MDE Equitable Services (pdf)

MDE Program Evaluation Tabrizi (pdf)

MDE Regional Updates (pdf)

MDE Title I Part A 101 (pdf)

Mindset MAS/FPS 10-1-14 Participant Packet (pdf)

Professional Development Ideas to Address the Achievement Gap (pdf)

Program Evaluation Callis-Hill (pptx)

Section 31a State Aid Changes Effective October 1 9-22-14 (pptx)

Shriver Monitoring Implementation of your SIP (pdf)


2014 Winter Institute

High Leverage Strategies for School Leaders

Thomas W. Many, Ed. D.

Cultural Competence and Culturally Responsive Practice:
Working Together For Inclusion, Equity, and Excellence

Gary R. Howard


2013 Fall Institute

2013-14 WATCH DOGS Calendar.pdf


Aligning Federal State and Local Requirements 2013 MDE.pdf

All About WDs revised color Fall 2012.pdf

Fiscal Audits.pdf

Hill 2008.pdf

MAS/FPS Time and Effort 2013.pdf

MAS/FPS Program Evaluation Session Sept 2013.pdf

MAS/FPS Sept 2013 On-Site Review 092513.pdf


2013 Winter Institute

Parent Involvement
Laura Otten

Fiscal Review Process
Becky Pennington; Susan Szymas

Getting It Right
Mike Radke

Three Easy Steps to Your On-Site Review
David Gray; Sarah Shriver


2012 Fall Director's Conference

Keesler Presentation