About the Organization

Our Mission

MAS/FPS: Build capacity of educational leaders to implement effective State and Federal programs to increase achievement for all students.

Our Vision

MAS/FPS will support Michigan students and educators to optimize the use of state and federal funds to prepare all students to excel in the 21st century.

Our Customers

The MAS/FPS customers are the people responsible for designing, implementing, and evaluating State and Federal Programs, especially Title I, at the local or regional level. The list of those primarily responsible includes:

  • State and Federal Program Directors
  • Title I Directors
  • Building Principals
  • Central Office Administrators
  • Building School Improvement/Leadership Teams

Our Beliefs

We believe that:

  • All students have a right to a high quality education.
  • All educators have a right to high quality professional learning.
  • Professional practice is grounded in sound research.
  • Educators, families, and community members share responsibility for education.
  • Individuals and organizations can influence public policy.
  • Accountability provides opportunities for continuous improvement.

Our Functions

The Michigan Association of State and Federal Program Specialists exists to organize, unify, and nourish an alliance of individuals and organizations concerned with Compensatory Education by:

  • Facilitating communication among members
  • Discussing, proposing and taking action on matters of common interest and concern
  • Conducting programs to enhance the professional competence and status of members
  • Participating in the development and enactment of state and federal legislation affecting education

Our Strategic Plan

MAS/FPS Strategic Plan (2013-2018) [PDF Document]


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